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Starting a whisky collection, whether that is for casks or bottles, has long been a very compelling proposition. That has only been further highlighted by times of great instability and the media prominence of whiskies rising prices. To become a collector, from outside of the industry, involves taking on a strategic partner, who assists them to create a portfolio and begin their personal collection journey.

Our innovative platform gives whisky lovers access to purchase unique whiskies from individual casks, cutting out the middle man to offer you the finest product at a fair price.

Why buy whisky casks?

Whisky casks have benefitted not just from rising prices from global demand but also from the fact that as they age they pick up older age designations. We specialise in advanced maturation strategies using the most sought after and hard to source types of oak. This helps drive the rarity and exclusivity of what we create.

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Build a portfolio of casks for the new or astute collector with account openings starting at £6k.


Institutional Solutions

If you are an institutional investor we can build a premium portfolio based around your investment objectives



Utilise our team and market knowledge to gather insights into trends and latest methods.



We provide an independent valuation for any stock you currently hold and are able to move your stock to our partner facility.

Founders's Letter

You are investing in years of craftsmanship and a growing global industry that continues to flourish.

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Founders's Letter

You are investing in years of craftsmanship and a growing global industry that continues to flourish.

Explore our current range

The whisky market is expanding exponentially, with global sales of $59 billion per annum. With such a wide variety of whiskies on the market, it can be challenging to know where to begin with different whisky products. The Whisky Cask Company wants to close the gap between premium whisky distilleries, brokers and investors.

brand ambassador

The Whisky Cask Company is delighted to welcome Chris Robshaw as one of its Global Brand Ambassadors.

“The Whisky Cask Company are uncompromising in their pursuit of excellence and are champions of innovation, and I am so happy to be part of this family now.”

Chris RobsHaw
Former England Rugby Union Captain

Chris captained England to their historic victory over the All Blacks in December 2012as well as in the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England. Chris was named the captain of Harlequins in 2010 and among their greatest ever players. Along the way, Chris has received many individual accolades including being named Premiership Player of the Year in both 2008/09 and 2011/12 — the only player in history to do so twice. He has over the years worked with a variety of different charities, such as Macmillan, Breast Cancer Now, Canine Partners and the British Dyslexia Association.

Chris' record is second to none. His ability to lead both club and country to success makes him the perfect Ambassador for the Whisky Cask Company. Chris is the first of many Global Brand Ambassadors, and we at the Whisky Cask Company always have celebrated and championed strong, resilient, and dedicated individuals. We consider collectors as our family, and we built the company on the following five pillars; of passion, integrity, community, expertise and heritage. We believe that Chris embodies our five fundamental principles.

The legacy of the casks we use, and our obsession with using the best materials available is fundamental to the creation of our whiskies. We want our collectors to look beyond what is 'the norm' and strive to create unique single malts with diverse backgrounds.

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