Autumn Roadshows in the Far East

The Whisky Cask Company look towards their future in the global market this week with an exciting announcement of preliminary details for their upcoming roadshows in the Far East. The company’s roadshows are scheduled for later in the year in September and October, visiting Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur to further their reach to the market in the Far East and to strengthen their position in the global investment market. Demand for single-malt Scotch whisky is rapidly increasing in Far East Asia, and Ross Archer Head of Operations at The Whisky Cask Company, is looking forward to the prospect of being able to bring even more of the company’s premium whisky products to this market.

The roadshows

The roadshows will be an opportunity for the new company to showcase their products with tastings, giving overseas clients the chance to meet them in person. Archer and his team will also be there to personally answer questions from existing and prospective investors, sharing their own knowledge and experience about whisky-making. At present, 75% of the interest in casks that the company receives comes from the East Asian region, and The Whisky Cask Company hope to further increase their sales to a region that shows no signs of slowing down their demand for premium single malt Scotch.

There are a number of contributing factors to the boom in the market for single malt Scotch whisky in Asia. Scotch whisky is increasingly seen as a symbol of wealth and status, and younger drinkers in China are drinking single malts in clubs and restaurants rather than blended whiskies that those in the West usually opt for when they begin drinking whisky.

Far East Market

According to the Knight Frank Wealth Report of 2019[1], new non-stop flights between Edinburgh and Beijing have also given a boost to sales of Scotch whisky to China, enabling further whisky tourism to Scotland. Currently, around 25 bottles of Scotch are exported to China every minute, but purchasing casks of maturing Scotch whisky is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for savvy investors, as customers become more knowledgeable about how much of a lucrative investment this can be.

However, purchasing casks of whisky can be difficult for many customers, as sales by distilleries are often exclusive and invite-only. Distilleries tend to be reluctant to sell older casks of rare whisky and can be extremely selective about their buyers. Archer intends to transform this side of the industry with The Whisky Cask Company and hopes that their roadshows create a more direct and personal approach with their existing and potential clients overseas. The company aim, aside from producing high-quality single malt, is to build global connections and become a major stakeholder in the single malt market. The roadshows give the company the opportunity to personally bring their products to the overseas market, further cementing their position as a globally connected company that puts locally made Scotch into the hands of passionate global investors.

With the industry already booming, Archer is extremely confident about the superior quality of the single malt Scotch whisky they produce, which is matured in ex wine casks made from French oak. Ross looks forward to the roadshows helping the company to build stronger and more personal relationships with their current extensive client base in the Far East, as well as meeting many potential new clients and sharing his expertise and passion for single malt Scotch.


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