Growing appreciation for Scotch Whisky

Love for Scotch whisky is growing worldwide, with people as far away as China now choosing the spirit as their tipple of choice. As the birthplace of Scotch whisky, Scotland is home to a number of distilleries. As curiosity surrounding the traditional beverage and the techniques used to craft it grows, more and more tourists are choosing to visit Scotland in search of answers.

Distillery visits up by 56%

According to a recent survey from the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), visits to Scottish distilleries have risen by 56% in just nine years. And these figures are only increasing.

There were approximately 2.05 million visits to Scotch distilleries last year. That’s an additional 115,000 visitors in 2018, representing a 6.1% increase when compared to visitor numbers in 2017. The increased visitor numbers are excellent news for distilleries and wider Scottish tourism, with a £7.43 million boost in tourist spending.

International interest is growing

Scotch whisky may be loved (and drunk) by the nation, but interest is growing further afield for the beverage. Most visitors to Scotch distilleries travelled from the United States and Germany. Visitors also hailed from the Netherlands, Spain, France, India and even China.

Scotch whisky lovers from all over the world are coming to Scotland to see how their favourite drink is expertly crafted. An increasing number of people want to learn more about the making of various blends and malts, as well as meet the craftspeople behind the drinks.

A vital part of Scottish tourism

Scottish tourism is booming, and increasing admiration for Scotch whisky is only adding fuel to the fire. More people than ever are coming to Scotland and heading to distilleries, and they’re curious about local crafts, food and drink. Team this with the fantastic rural settings that most Scotch whisky distilleries reside in, and you have the perfect trip for people with all tastes and interests. In today’s fast paced world, you’ve got to admire the slow and careful craft of Scotch whisky making.

Scotch whisky distilleries are an integral part of the tourist scene in Scotland. The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions ranked Scotch whisky distilleries the third most-visited attraction in the country after the National Museum of Scotland and Edinburgh Castle. Whisky tourism is vital, particularly in rural parts of the country, with local hotels, restaurants and businesses all feeling the positive effects of increased visitor numbers.

As love for Scotch whisky grows and distillery visits increase, Scottish communities are growing and prospering, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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