Leading Whisky Experts join the Whisky Cask Company

The launch of the Whisky Cask Company brings together some of the top names in the whisky industry. Whisky experts David Harvey and Stuart Nickerson have teamed up with Whisky Cask Company, to bring single malt to the global market.

With a combined experience of over 60 years – more years than some of the most sought-after single malts are aged – the brains behind the Whisky Cask Company have come together to produce unique, premium single malt Scotch whisky.

David Harvey Whisky and & Fine Wine Connoisseur##

David Harvey introduced to Ross Archer, Head of Operations at Whisky Cask Company by a mutual friend, they soon realised their mutual long-term passion for Scotland’s famous amber spirit. Archer’s love for Scotch whisky and business expertise is complemented perfectly by Harvey’s knowledge from his many years of working in the wine and spirit industry. Harvey’s background in fine wine adds another dimension to the wealth of experience that he offers to the Whisky Cask Company.

What the Whisky Cask Company does differently is using wine casks for maturing its new make spirit, instead of bourbon casks that are the current standard in the industry. Using his extensive knowledge of the flavour profiles of wines and spirits from all over the world, Harvey ensures even the new make spirit has an extra element of luxury. He describes his diligent process, “What we do is we taste new make before we commit to ageing it, so the raw ingredients that we put into our special French casks is something where we are involved in the quality control process, as it’s important just to know where you are starting.”

The company is working with the best barrel makers from France, exercising their knowledge about how important cask influence really is on the flavour of Scotch. As new make must spend a minimum of 3 years in the cask in order to be legally called Scotch whisky, the cask has a huge influence on the flavour of the finished product. The team all agree that France is the world leader in top quality barrel production, and the single malt they are producing will have subtle notes of oak from the casks, setting it aside from the bourbon flavours that currently dominate the Scotch market.

Harvey has tasted a wealth of wines and spirits from all over the world since his career began at Harvey’s of Bristol in 1993. Through his rich experience, he is able to identify exactly the elements needed to make an exceptional whisky, as well as having an inside knowledge as to where the market is heading.

Industry expert Stuart Nickerson

Stuart Nickerson of the Malt Whisky Company also lends his years of experience to the business venture. He started his career in 1981 at Bells Scotch Whisky as a chemical engineer, and his engineering background gives him a unique insight into Scotch whisky production. Through his time in the industry, he has watched Scotch production transform from a technical perspective. He led the re-establishment the Glenglassaugh distillery in 2008, restarting production after a 22-year hiatus, turning a profit within 3 years of taking over as managing director. At the Glenglassaugh distillery, he was able to experiment with lots of different casks for maturation through a range of different launches and has a wealth of knowledge in what materials to use to achieve a great flavour profile.

The Whisky Cask Company looks set to bring a boost to a traditional British Industry, and they are confident that their years of experience will produce a whisky of a quality that speaks for itself. With such well-established industry leaders at the helm, the Whisky Cask Company is ready to become a rising star in the single malt Scotch whisky industry, and they aim to lead the way in innovation to produce premium, unique spirits like no other. They ensure that the quality of their Scotch whisky is second to none, not only through combined expertise but also through passion, because as David Harvey says, “Hand on heart, there is nothing like Scotch whisky.”