Sell-Out Success of First Cask Filling

Whisky Cask company announces first cask filling after sell-out success – and there’s only 2 left to purchase from the second batch

In a world of booming busts, individuals looking to invest wisely may want to turn their attentions to their favourite tipple. The Whisky Cask Company offers an innovative and incredibly lucrative investment opportunity. With their help, you can own your own cask of high quality Scotch whisky, a hard asset that naturally increases in value.

Our first filling

The firm has just announced details of their initial cask filling, which took place on Tuesday 13th August 2019. They also revealed that there’s only 37 casks remaining from their new batch, with casks set to sell-out once again.

The success of the Whisky Cask Company comes down to the quality of the spirit that will be silently maturing in a traditional warehouse in the Highlands of Scotland. The firm only works with the best in the business, sourcing spirits from three award-winning Scottish distilleries. The whisky itself is matured in premium French oak casks that have been flavoured with sherry, brandy or fine French wine.

  • “What sets our single malt Scotch whisky apart is the process we use to mature our new make spirit. We use wine casks instead of bourbon casks that are the current standard in the industry*,” said Whisky Cask Company’s Head of Operations Ross Archer, who oversaw the initial cask filling.

Ross was joined by Stuart Nickerson, Director of the Malt Whisky Company. Stuart is an award-winning industry expert who has worked for the biggest names, including Bells, Highland Park, Glenfiddich and William Grant & Sons, before branching out on his own.

These initial casks will mature for a minimum of three years to achieve their single malt Scotch status. Each cask yields approximately 300 bottles; however, this may be less due to evaporation.

Each Cask’s Unique Flavour Profile

Dozens of casks may have been filled, yet each promises a unique taste. While the key conditions for maturation in Scotland have been fulfilled, even the casks used to store the same wine from the same vineyard will produce a Scotch marginally different in depth, character and flavour. * “Bringing together some of the top names in the whisky industry and seeing a plan come together like this is always a pleasure. Behind the scenes, our team has worked hard on making this process as seamless as possible. This is the first of many cask fillings, and we look forward to continuing to bring a product of the highest quality to the market in the future,”* concluded Ross.

You may have missed out on the initial cask filling, but there’s still time to invest in the Whisky Cask Company’s new batch. There’s only 2 casks remaining in the second filling, so hurry.