The Whisky Cask Company Review – August 2019

August has been a busy month for The Whisky Cask Company we had our first filling of Knockdhu new make, and it was a tremendous success. New make poured into fifty casks of differing varieties. From ex Bordeaux to ex white wine casks, but all made from the best French Oak. With Stuart and Ross to review and supervise and with a photographer and film crew in tow, The Whisky Cask Company had quite a presence in the Highlands this summer.

The Highlands wasn’t the only place The Whisky Cask Company was visiting this month. Ross, our Operations Director also headed out to Singapore where he secured some great deals. While out in Asia, we have also managed to secure an agreement to start selling Japanese Mizunara casks. Mizunara oak is exceptionally well-regarded, seen as luxurious and superior. It is one of the rarest and most expensive types of oak in the world. Being able to source these casks for use with Scotch is a real coup, with a high cost and being rare even in Japan anyone purchasing a puncheon should keep it for as long as possible to create a product of the highest quality. The notes our taster would be looking for when they review a Mizunara aged whisky would be sandalwood, coconut, and a type of oriental incense named kara.

This month has also seen the release of a fascinating video with one of our experts David Harvey. Interviewed in The George club in Mayfair David reveals his history in the wines and spirits business, informing us of his credentials and then imparting the knowledge necessary for Scotch Whisky drinkers of both beginner and expert status. The Whisky Cask Company recommends all of our collectors watch the informative video, review it and use the knowledge to make decisions about which of our products to create.