The Whisky Cask Company Review – May/June 2019

After months of hard work behind the scenes, The Whisky Cask Company is proud to start selling casks to collectors.

*Our Team *

The formation of the right team for the company has been our focus, and we are ecstatic with the mix we currently have. Founder Alexander Johnson brings years of investment and business knowledge, as well as a vision for innovation and how to improve upon a marketplace. Managing Director Russell Spratley brings over a decade of investment consultant experience to The Whisky Cask Company, giving us an essential edge in asset allocation strategy. Head of Operations Ross Archer reviews the company with sustainability in mind in all of our dealings.

*Our Experts *

The appointments of The Whisky Cask Company’s resident experts are genuinely first class. David Harvey brings 25 years of experience tasting wines and spirits. He has given notes and judged the elite products in both fields. Stuart Nickerson is our partner from the Malt Whisky Company. Stuart has over thirty years of experience in creating Single Malt Scotch Whisky, winning several awards in the process.

Our Company

Being able to sell top quality product to our collectors has only come about due to The Whisky Cask Company reviewing the extensive networks of our team. We have set up partnerships with award-winning distilleries across the Whisky making regions of Scotland. We are always looking to find casks of the highest quality, and we have access to some unique and rare cask options.

All our fillings will have limited spaces. Therefore we will be advising our collectors on how to create Single Malts of the highest quality by matching the right type of cask to the best new make. Each cask takes on a distinct flavour profile making each of collectors casks a unique tasting experience.

Plans for our investor’s exit strategies have already been taking place. We want all the collectors and investors in The Whisky Cask Company to review all the options available to them. Our initial investment covers five years of bonded storage and insurance for our customers. After this point, we will be able to use our network to set up sales for their casks if they wish. Or we can arrange for more storage and insurance if they’re going to hang on to their investment for longer and review the options at a later date.

With whisky investment increasing at around 8% a year, not including inflation, we’re expecting this alternative investment to mature nicely.

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