Why investing in whisky is a great idea

Whisky isn’t any type of drink. It can be kept in casks for many years, which means that some whiskies are extremely rare and therefore collectable. With low-interest rates, this makes them a sound investment as their value will only increase.

Increased Popularity

The buying and selling of whiskies are becoming increasingly popular. It’s not uncommon for rare bottles to go for thousands of pounds. In 2016 a bottle of Glenfiddich which was casked in the 1937 and bottled 50 years later was sold for £68,500.

That is just one example of many that we have seen in recent times. £68,500. The market has risen by 732% since 2013 with bottles over £10,000 becoming increasingly common. The average bottle value has risen from £220 in 2015 to £378 in 2018.

Why Whisky?

There are a few key reasons as to why whisky has gained that popularity. The selling of fine wines has received a lot more notoriety, but whisky is a lot more stable as a product and doesn’t have any of those issues with oxidization.

Whisky also has a romance and a mystique to it. It can be stored indefinitely, and you also get the heritage and history which comes from the Scottish region — making whisky required incredible time and patience. That craftsmanship helps to make it even more desirable.

There is an ever-increasing desire for high-end bars and hotels to be able to offer premium whiskies. It helps to give them an extra level of sophistication and desirability. With many private buyers around the world also interested in collecting and drinking rare whiskies, it makes them an even better investment.

What makes a good whisky investment

As with any product, the rarity of it is a key factor. Many companies make limited edition bottles which will increase their price over time. If a bottle is harder to find, it’s a sure way to increase the price of it.

The distillery is also a key factor. Well-known brands will be more trusted, and then you have extinct distilleries which will be even rarer. Also, there are collections of whiskies and having a whisky that will make a full set can increase the price.

Age plays a huge role in whisky. As a general rule, the older it is, the more expensive it is. And also the older it is, the rarer it will be. While bottled whisky doesn’t mature, you also have the opportunity to invest in cast whiskies which will increase in value over time.

Plenty of markets

At one time whisky wasn’t a hugely popular drink in Japan, but that has now changed. Not only is there an excellent market for Scotch whiskies in Japan but the country is now making some of the best whiskies in the world with a Yamazaki single malt once being labelled as the best whisky in the world.

An increasing amount of places are allowing buyers to purchase whisky, which has made it more accessible than ever. The temptation to drink it yourself is always there, but if you can resist temptation, then there could be large profits to be made.

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