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Scotch Whisky 79% Of The Market

As an owner of a Scotch whisky cask you will have a tangible asset. Owning a physical asset is what makes this opportunity attractive however it is important you are aware of the risks involved in this type of opportunity.

Over the last decade the whisky market has soared, the longer whisky remains in a barrel the higher in value it has seen to achieve. Industry experts say there is now more demand than supply of Scotch whisky — there is currently only 15 percent of single malt whisky in storage that is more than five years old. Here at the Whisky Cask Company we focus on ensuring the produce is superior, exclusive and has limited availability to maximise your chances of achieving a significant premium when you exit the opportunity.

We focus on creating a higher value, prestigious and exclusive product by using rare casks and high end distilleries.

Collectors and investors are provided with high-end exclusive casks to store your whisky in. Japanese Mizunara Oak is used for some of our cask.

Whisky like any market can go up and down and market trends will dictate the value of your purchase. It is important you carry out your due diligence carefully to identify how the whisky market is performing at the time you proceed.

A member of our team is available to discuss the risks involved with this opportunity and provide you with access to reports that indicate the whisky market is set to double in size over the next decade and also explain our approach to the whisky market and how this can potentially maximise your chances of achieving a significant premium when you exit the opportunity.

To find out more, request a demo below and a member of our team will be happy to explain this further for you.

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