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The Whisky Cask Company are planning a tour of Asia over the summer. Our head of operations Ross Archer will be heading over to Singapore for a week in August. He will be meeting with some investors and collectors out there who are very interested in creating some unique single malt scotches.

Our chairman Alexander Johnson will also be heading to Asia in September. Alex is travelling to meet with Japanese collectors & expats who have heard about the Whisky Cask Company and are looking for a strong-performing alternative investment.

We have our first filling next month of Knockdhu new make for our initial investors. We are planning a trip up to Scotland to supervise the process. We will be filming the filling and send that footage out to those investors who made the initial purchases. Stuart Nickerson head of The Malt Whisky Company will be joining Ross Archer to review the process and advise, giving us the benefit of his thirty years of experience producing award-winning scotch. Our collectors should know their scotch is in the safest possible hands.

The Whisky Cask Company will be doing a review of our cask suppliers this month to see if any unusual and rare casks are entering the market place with great value. There are rumours of a top french vineyard having excess barrels and some potential Asian imports.

This month sees a review of our company principals; these put the customer first and will be the pillars on which we build the company. We want to develop the company on the foundations of passion, integrity, community, expertise and heritage.

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